( भारतीय चिकित्सा अनुसंधान परिषद् )

७३,'जी'-ब्लॉक एम.आय.डी.सी. भोसरी, पुना - ४११०२६, महाराष्ट्र, भारत.

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Publications 1998
  • Transmission of genetically diverse strains of HIV-1 in Pune, India.
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  • HIV-1 DNA shedding in genital ulcers and its associated risk factors in Pune, India.
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  • HIV testing and counseling among men attending sexually transmitted disease clinics Pune, India: changes in condom use and sexual behavior over time.
    Margaret E, Bentley, Kai Spratt, Mary E.Shepherd, Raman R.Gangakhedkar, S.Thilikavathi, Robert C.Bollinger and Sanjay M.Mehendale.
    AIDS, 1998; 12: 1869-1877.
  • Campaign against HIV/AIDS: youth as a force for change.
    Mawar N & Kant L.
    ICMR Bulletin, 1998; 28: 117-123.
  • Cross-reactive HIV- 1 -specific CTL in recent seroconverters from Pune, India.
    Ramesh S. Paranjape, Deepak A.Gadkari, Michel Lubaki, Thomas C. Quinn, and Robert C.Bollinger.
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  • HIV infection amongst persons with high risk behaviour in Pune City: Update on findings from a prospective cohort study.
    Sanjay Mehendale.
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  • 12th World AIDS Conference: Epidemiology, Behavioral Science & Prevention Review.
    R. R. Gangakhedkar.
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  • 12th World AIDS Conference: Basic Science Review.
    Srikanth Tripathy.
    AIDS Research & Review, 1998; 1: 22-25.
  • Sexual Behaviour in Unmarried Pregnant Females Attending MTP/ANC of A Govt. Hospital.
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