( भारतीय चिकित्सा अनुसंधान परिषद् )

७३,'जी'-ब्लॉक एम.आय.डी.सी. भोसरी, पुना - ४११०२६, महाराष्ट्र, भारत.

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Publications 2000
  • Rapid Communication: Absence of coreceptor switch with disease progression in Human Immunodeficiency Virus infections in India.
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  • Ethical considerations in AIDS Vaccine trials.
    Sanjay Mehendale.
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  • Preliminary observations on lymphocyte subpopulations in HIV seropositive & HIV seronegative tuberculosis patients in Pune, India.
    S. Tripathy, P. Menon, D.R. Joshi, U. Patil, D. A.Gadkari & R.S. Paranjape.
    Indian Journal of Medical Research, 2000; 111: 195-198.
  • Feasibility of Pooling Sera From HIV-1 Viral RNA to Diagnose Acute Primary HIV-1 infection and estimate HIV incidence.
    Thomas C. Quinn, Ron Brookmeyer, Richard Kline, Mary Shepherd, Ramesh Paranjape, Sanjay Mehendale, Deepak A.Gadkari and Robert Bollinger.
    AIDS, 2000; 14: 2751-2757.
  • Social and Behavioral Aspects of Context of HIV/AIDS. Listen, Learn, Live! World AIDS campaign with children and young people.
    Nita Mawar.
    Journal of Medical Education, Prachiti Medical Wing (Pub.), 2000; 13-14.
  • Peer Review: Challenges of HIV/AIDS.
    Sanjay Mehendale.
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  • National AIDS Research Institute: A Review.
    R S Paranjape.
    Journal of Medical Education, Prachiti Medical Wing (Pub), 2000; 11-12.
  • Relationship Between Clinical Conditions and CD4 Counts in HIV-Infected Persons in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
    MV Ghate, SM Mehendale, BA Mahajan, R Yadav, RG Brahme, AD Divekar, RS Paranjape.
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  • A World AIDS Campaign where men make a difference: A Challenge for the men in the third millennium.
    Srikanth Tripathy and Neeta Mawar.
    ICMR Bulletin, 2000; 30: 131-140.
  • Epidemic Hepatitis E: serological evidence for lack of intrafamilial spread
    Vidya A Arankalle, Mandeep S Chadha, Sanjay M Mehendale, Swati P Tungatkar.
    Indian Journal of Gastroenterology, 2000; 19: 24-28.