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Designation : Scientist E
Division : Microbiology
Email ID : [email protected]
Area Of Interest : • Pathogenesis of Human Papillomavirus infection and related cancers • Evaluation and development of rapid, low cost diagnostics for sexually transmitted and opportunistic infections • Antimicrobial resistance
Completed and Ongoing Projects
Awards and Honours
  1. Best paper presentation award at 27th International Conference of Virology, INTERVIROCON 2018.
  2. First prize for oral presentation at 34th Conference of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists, 2015.
  3. International scholarship recipient, 20th AIDS 2014 conference, Melbourne, Australia, July 2014.
  4. Selected under Microbicide Trial Network Scholars Program to attend 21st Annual Course on Principles of STD and HIV Research at University of Washington, Seattle, 2013.
  5. Best Paper award at ‘4th International Conference on Opportunistic Pathogens in HIV/AIDS’, 2010.
  6. Fourth rank at All India level Hindi examination conducted under Hindi Teaching Scheme, 2009.
  7. Late Yasmin Thakur award for obtaining first rank with distinction in M.D. examination held in Pune University, 2005.
Work Experience

Work Experience

Post Held



Scientist E

ICMR-National AIDS Research Institute, Pune

September 2019-till date


Scientist D

ICMR-National AIDS Research Institute, Pune

September 2015-August 2019


Scientist C

ICMR-National AIDS Research Institute, Pune

September 2011-August 2015


Scientist B

ICMR-National AIDS Research Institute, Pune

June 2007-August 2011


Assistant Professor

Mookambika Medical College & Research Center, Tamil Nadu

November 2006-May 2007


Assistant Professor

SG Medical College &  & Research Center, Trivandrum

April 2006-October 2006


Assistant Professor

B.J. Govt. Medical College, Pune

March 2005-March 2006


List of Grant Recieved

As Principal Investigator

1.     Study of genital Human papillomavirus infection in men: type-specific distribution, risk determinants and natural history (Funding: ICMR-extramural)

2.     Diagnostic utility of self-collected buccal swab specimen as an alternative to sputum for molecular detection of pulmonary tuberculosis (Funding: Central TB Division)

3.     Estimation of seroprevalence for Hepatitis B and C among adults in India: National Family Health Survey-4 (Funding: NCDC, Delhi, Govt. of India)

4.     Characterization of intratype genomic variants of Human papillomavirus type 16: by cervical intraepithelial neoplastic status with functional and evolutionary analysis (Funding: DST- SERB)

5.     Validation of laboratory assays for detection of HBsAg and anti-HCV using dried blood spots: a multicentric pilot study (Funding: WHO)

6.     Evaluation of four rapid screening assays for detection of antibodies to Hepatitis C Virus (Funding: Clinton Health Access Initiative)

7.     Estimation of Hepatitis C disease burden (Funding: WHO)

8.     Evaluation of a novel diagnostic method  for tuberculosis diagnosis in sputum samples (Funding: DBT)

9.     HPV-based novel biomarkers for cost-effective cervical cancer screening among HIV-infected women in India, ‘Intramural-to-India’ program initiative (Funding: ICMR-extramural)


As Co-Principal/Co-Investigator

1.     Seroprevalence and risk factors associated with Scrub Typhus in selected blocks of Gorakhpur district in Uttar Pradesh, India (Funding: ICMR-extramural)

2.     Epidemiological and laboratory investigation of HIV outbreak in rural Uttar Pradesh, India: a case control study (Funding: ICMR-extramural)

3.     Phase III, Randomized, Double blind, Three arm placebo controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of 2 vaccines VPM 1002 & Immuvac (Mw) in preventing TB in HHCs of Newly Diagnosed S+ Pulmonary TB patients project (Funding: TB consortium)

4.     Phase IIB Open Label Randomized Controlled Clinical trial to evaluate the anti-bacterial activity, Pharmacokinetics, Safety and Tolerability of Metformin when given along with rifampicin, isoniazid, pyrazinamide and ethambutol in adults with newly diagnosed sputum positive Pulmonary Tuberculosis: an 8-week study (Funding: TB consortium)

5.     Prevention of recurrence of bacterial vaginosis in HIV infected women with lactobacilli containing vaginal tablets to the standard oral metronidazole therapy: A 12 month, double blind, randomized, placebo controlled study (Funding: ICMR-extramural)

Conference/Training/Workshop Attended

Conferences/Trainings/Workshops Attended



Number of Publications : 32
List of Publications

List of Publications

  1. Arati Mane, Linata Patil, Sanket Limaye, Amit Nirmalkar, Urmila Kulkarni-Kale. Characterization of major capsid protein (L1) variants of Human papillomavirus type 16 by cervical neoplastic status in Indian women: phylogenetic and functional analysis. J Med Virol 2020.
  2. Smita Joshi , Arati Mane, Muwonge R , Divate U , Padbidri V , Kulkarni V, Gangakhedkar R, Sankaranarayanan R. Prevalence and predictors of bacterial vaginosis in HIV-infected women in Maharashtra, India. International Journal of STD & AIDS 2020.
  3. Arati Mane, Suchit Kamble, Manish Kumar Singh, Manisha Ratnaparakhi, Amit Nirmalkar, Raman Gangakhedkar. Seroprevalence of spotted fever group and typhus group rickettsiae in individuals with acute febrile illness from Gorakhpur, India. Int J Infect Dis 2019; 79:195-198.
  4. Arati Mane, Jilian Sacks, Sadhya Sharma, Harpreet Singh, Alexandra Tejada-Strop, Saleem Kamili, et al. Evaluation of five rapid diagnostic tests for detection of antibodies to hepatitis C virus (HCV): A step towards scale-up of HCV screening efforts in India. PLoS One 2019; 14(1): e0210556.
  5. Suchit Kamble, Arati Mane, Suvarna Sane, Suvarna Sonavale, Pallavi Vidhate, Manish Kumar Singh, Raman Gangakhedkar, Mohan Gupte. Seroprevalence and Seroincidence of O. tsusugamushi infection in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India: A community based serosurvey during lean and epidemic periods for Acute Encephalitis syndrome. Indian J Med Res 2019.
  6. Arati Mane, Pankaj Gujar, Shraddha Gaikwad, Shilpa Bembalkar, Sanjay Gaikwad, Tilak Dhamgaye, et al. Aetiological spectrum of severe community-acquired pneumonia in HIV-positive patients from Pune, India. Indian J Med Res 2018; 147, 202-206.
  7. Arati Mane, Pankaj Gujar, Shraddha Gaikwad, Tilak Dhamgaye and Arun Risbud. Detection of Cytomegalovirus in Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid from HIV-Positive Individuals with Community Acquired Pneumonia. J Clin Diagn Res 2017; 11(7): DC41-DC43.
  8. Arati Mane, Amit Nirmalkar, Arun Risbud, Seema Sahay, Ramesh Bhosale, Sten Vermund, et al. Rates and determinants of incidence and clearance of cervical HPV genotypes among HIV-seropositive women in Pune, India. J Clin Virol 2017; 88:26-32.
  9. Arati Mane, Mansa Angadi, Pallavi Vidhate, Shilpa Bembalkar, Ishrat Khan, Shubhangi Bichare, et al. Characterization of vaginal lactobacilli from HIV-negative and HIV-positive Indian women and their association with genital HIV-1 shedding. J Med Microbiol 2017; 66:1471–147.
  10. Arati Mane, Pallavi Vidhate, Vaishali Waman, Chanchal Kusro, Vandana Saxena, Urmila Kulkarni-Kale, Arun Risbud. Molecular mechanisms associated with Fluconazole resistance in clinical Candida albicans isolates from India. Mycoses 2016; 59(2):93-100