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Dr. Serena Judith D’Souza
Name : Dr. Serena Judith D’Souza
Designation : Scientist D
Division : Immunology & Serology
Email ID : [email protected]
Area Of Interest :
Awards and Honours
Work Experience

Work Experience

Post Held



Scientist ‘D’


Sept 2019 till date

Scientist ‘C’


Sept 2015-August 2019

Scientist ‘B’


May 2012 –August 2015

Technical Officer-A


August 2007- April 2012

Research Assistant


October 1994-July 2007

Lab. Technician


February 1984-September 1994


List of Grant Recieved

List of grants received


Title of Project


Funding Agency



Crosstalk between Notch-1 and EGFR during HIV-HPV co-infections





Conference/Training/Workshop Attended

Conferences/Trainings/Workshops Attended

National Participation in Trainings/Workshops

  1.  Ethical Guidance for Biomedical Research in association with ICMR Bioethics Unit, ICMR-NCDIR, Bengaluru Jan17-18, 2019 at ICMR-NARI
  2. Internal Auditors course ISO- (15189-2012). Nov8-11, 2017 at DY Patil Medical College, Pimpri, Pune
  3. Basic Molecular Biology Techniques relevant to cancer research-hands on training. Dec 6-9, 2016 at ICMR-NICPR, Noida, New Delhi

International Participation

Participant at the Tecnai Basic and Advanced Life Science Cryo Course at the FEI Applications Laboratory in Eindhoven, the Netherlands from June 7- 18, 2004.


Number of Publications : 26
List of Publications

List of Publications

  1. Amelioration of 131I induced salivary gland damage by Ocimum sanctum and Amifostine pre supplementation in rabbits (2019) Uma Bhartiya, Lebana Joseph, Yogita Pawar, Yogita Raut, Serena D’Souza, Dipty Singh,          Rohini Hawaldar ,Sushma Awasare ,Yogendra Nayak,  & Sharmila Bannerjee ( submitted to IJEB)
  2. Estrogenized mouse model of polycystic ovary highlights mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis. Gayatri Shinde, Sushma Khavale, Roshan Dadachanji, Serena D’Souza, Tarala Nandedkar & Srabani Mukherjee Indian Journal of Experimental Biology (2018); Vol. 56, pp. 293-304.
  3. KM Kadam and D’Souza S (2014) Whole Mount Immuno Electron Microscopy for Sperm Cytoskeletal Proteins : Translating Dimensions. Journal of Advanced Microscopy Research., vol 9, pp1-6
  4. TD Nandedkar, P Sagvekar, B Thakur,R Navlakhe, S Chitnis, SD Mahale,S D’Souza, KD Patel andPR Vavia (2013)Polymeric nanoparticle formulation of Octapeptide (NP-OP): In vitro release and in vivo effect in common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus) Indian Journal of Experimental Biology vol 51, 1055-1062
  5. Gill-Sharma MK, Choudhari J, Ansari-Aleem M and D’Souza S (2012) Putative Molecular Mechanism underlying sperm chromatin remodeling is regulated by reproductive hormones. Clinical Epigenetics 4: 23
  6. Parte PP, Rao P, Redij S, Lobo,V, D’Souza SJ, Gajbhije R, Kulkarni V (2012) Sperm phosphoproteome profiling by ultraperformance liquid chromatography followed by data independent analysis (LC-MSE) reveals altered proteomic signature in asthenozoospermia. J of Proteomics, 75 (18) 5861-71
  7. Sreepoorna Unni, Sandhya Kasiviswanathan, Serena D’Souza,  Sushma Khavale,  Srabani Mukherji,  Sujata Patwardhan and Deepa Bhartiya (2012)  Efficient cryopreservation of testicular tissue : Effect of age, sample state and concentration of cryoprotectant Fertility & Sterility  Jan: 97(1)200-208
  8. Gill-Sharma Manjeet Kaur, Choudhari Jyoti and D’Souza Serena. (2011) Sperm Chromatin Protamination : An endocrine perspective Protein and Peptide letters18, 786-801