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Institutional Committees Of NITVAR

The decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability is governed by the various committees constituted to guide the Director with respect to various issues. The institutional committees are:
Sr. No. Name of the Committee Composition
1. Purchase Committeee Dr. Suchit Kamble (Chairperson), Dr. Anupam Mukherjee, Dr. Amrita Rao, Dr. Hari Om Singh, Administrative Officer, Accounts Officer and Section Officer (Purchase) – Member Secretary
2. Complaints Committee on Sexual Harassment of Working Women Dr. Seema Sahay (Chairperson), Dr. Sanjeevani Kulkarni, Dr. S.M. Shahbuddin and Ms. Shraddha Gaikwad
3. Canteen Committee Dr. Amrita Rao (Chairperson), Dr. Sangeeta Kulkarni, Dr. S.M. Shahbuddin, Administrative Officer and Ms. Suvarna Sane
4. Ph.D.Committee Dr. Manisha Ghate (Chairperson) , Dr. Seema Sahay, Dr. Vijay Nema, Dr. Vandana Saxena and Dr. Anupam Mukherjee
5. Institutional Bio-Safety Committee Dr. Sheela Godbole (Chairperson), Dr. Swarali Kurle (Member Secretary), Dr. Anuradha Tripathy (DBT Nominee), Dr. Nitin Mokhashi (External Expert), Dr. Amitav Banerjee (External Expert), Dr. Amrita Rao (Biosafety Officer), Dr. Manisha Ghate (Member), Dr. Vijay Nema (Member), Mr. Michael Pereira (Member)
6. Library Committee Dr. Seema Sahay (Chairperson), Dr. Vandana Saxena, Dr. Pallavi Shidhaye, Dr. S. M. Shahabuddin, Administrative Officer and Accounts Officer
7. Hindi Committee Dr. Sheela Godbole (Chairperson), Dr. Seema Sahay (Working Chairperson), Dr. Omkar Nath Shukla, Dr. Ashwini Shete, Mrs. Sunita Khamkar (AO), Mrs. Rajani Bagul (Hindi Officer), Mr. Anil Pardeshi, Ms. Bharati Mahajan, Ms. Sushma Jadhav, Mr. C.P. Upadhyay, Ms. Shradhha Gurav and Mr. Atul Sirsat
8. Condemnation Committee Prof. Suresh Gosavi (C), Dr. Sunit Rane, Dr. Vijay Nema, Dr. Suchit Kamble, Ms. V.V. Shendye and Ms. Swati Gaikwad
9. Drug Committee Dr. Abhijit Kadam (Chairperson), Dr. M. V. Ghate, Dr. Ashwini Shete, Dr. Sampada Dhayarkar, Administrative Officer and Mr. Kumar Vaidya
10. Public Grievance Cell Dr. M. V. Ghate (Chairperson), Dr. Hari Om Singh and Administrative Officer
11. RTI Cell Dr. M. V. Ghate, Central Public Information Officer (Scientific), Mrs. Sunita Khamkar, Central Public Information Officer (Admin), Ms. Seema Nair and Mr. Raj Shirke Dealing Assistant
12. Good Research Practice & Research Misconduct Committee Dr. Vandana Saxena (Research Integrity Officer), Dr. Megha Mamulwar (Coordinator – Conduct of Research), Dr. Amrita Rao, Dr. S.M. Shahabuddin and Ms. Varada Ganu
13. Safety and Security Committee Dr. Vijay Nema (Chairperson), Dr. Ashwini Shete, Dr. Anupam Mukherjee, Dr. Amrita Rao, Dr. Rashmi Shinde, Administrative Officer, Mrs. Sunita Khamkar, Mr. Vishal Bhosale, Mr. Amit Nirmalkar, Mr. Ajit Patil, Dr. S,.M. Shahbuddin, Mr. Vilas Pawar and Mr. Biji George
14. Quality Management Committee Dr. Manisha Ghate (Chairperson), Dr. Ashwini Shete, Dr. Abdul Arif Khan, Dr. Amrita Rao and Dr. Sangeeta Kulkarni
15. Swacchha Bharat Committee Dr. Sheela Godbole (Chairperson), Dr. Suchit Kamble (Working Chairperson), Dr. Anupam Mukherjee (Backup of Working Chairperson), Dr. Abhijit Kadam, Administrative Officer, Mr. Michael Pereira, Dr. S.M. Shahbuddin, Dr. Sushma Jadhav and Mr. G.K. Bagul
16. Internal Grievance Committee Dr. Seema Sahay (Chairperson), Dr. Suchit Kamble (Chief Liaison Officer), Dr. Manisha Ghate, and Mrs. Sunita Kumbhar – Member Secretary
17. Quality Assurance Committee Dr. Ashwini Shete (Chairperson), Dr. Sangeeta Kulkarni, Mrs. Varsha Kale, Mrs. Bharati Mahajan, Ms. Madhuri Tak, Mr. Ajit Patil
18. ICMR- NITVAR Communication Unit Nodal Communication Officer - Dr. Vandana Saxena, Dr. Megha Mamulwar Members – Mr. Michael Pereira, Ms. Shilpa Bembalkar, Mr. Amit Nirmalkar, Mr. Ajit Patil and Mr. Atul Sirsat
19. Internal PAC Evaluation Committee Dr. Vijay Nema, Dr. Anupam Mukherjee, Dr. Abdul Arif Khan, Dr. Ashwini Shete, Dr. Hari Om Singh, Dr. Vandana Saxena, Dr. Swarali Kurle and Accounts Representative
20. BSL-2&3 Technical Committee (DESH) Dr. Vijay Nema, Dr. Anupam Mukherjee, Dr. Abdul Arif Khan, Administrative Officer and Accounts Officer
21. ICMR- NITVAR Quarters’ Committee Dr. Sampada Bangar, Dr. Abdul Arif Khan, AO, ACO / SO Accounts and Mr. Sunil Awchare
22. Product Selection Committee under Anti-HIV Testing Service Director, Incharge, Division of Virology, Dr. Vishnu Joglekar, Dr. Girish Tillu, Dr. Manish Gautam, Dr. Vijay Nema and Dr. Abhijit Kadam
23. ICMR- NITVAR Ethics Committee Secretariat Dr. Abhijit Kadam - Member Secretary, Dr. Pallavi Shidhaye – Ethics Committee Management Officer, Dr. S.M. Shahbuddin – Ethics Committee Coordinator and Ms. Reshma Rade – Assistant to Ethics Committee Coordination
24. Capital Works Advisory Committee Er. V.D. Chhatre, Retd. Secretary PWD, Pune (Chairperson)
External members :
1) Civil Engineer : Er. R.S. Verma, Retd Sr. Exe. Engineer, CPWD, Pune
2) Electrical Engineer : Er. P.J. Inamdar, Retd. Exe. Engineer, PWD, Pune
3) Mechanical Engineer : Prof.(Dr) A.D. Desai, Shree Ramchandra College of Engg., Pune
4) Architect : Prof.(Dr) R.T. Ghogle, Retd Principal of Architecture college of Marathwada
5) Subject Expert : i) Er A.B. Khare, Sr.Technical Officer-3, ICMR-NIV, Pune
(AH & BSL/ Repository) ii) Mr S. D. Gadwale, Retd. Tech. Officer-C, ICMR- NITVAR, Pune
Internal Members :
1) Dr. Sheela Godbole, Director, ICMR- NITVAR
2) Dr. Manisha Ghate, Sc G
3) Administrative Officer
4) Accounts Officer
5) Mr. Vishal Bhosale, Member Secretary
6) Mrs. Suman Dube
25. Hostel Committee Dr. Seema Sahay, Chairperson, Dr. Vijay Nema, Dr. Abdul Arif Khan, Dr. Rashmi Shinde, Administrative Officer, Er Vishal Bhosale and Ms. Varada Ganu
26. Nodal Officers 1) Housekeeping – Mr. Gulab Bagul and Mr. Anil Pardeshi
2) Security – Mr. Michael Periera
3) Lab Renovation work – Dr. Vijay Nema
4) Vigilance Officer – Dr. Anupam Mukherje
5) Co- Nodal Officers for BSL-2 and 3 under PM-ABHIM – Dr. Vijay Nema and Dr. Abdul Arif Khan
27. Students Internship Program 1) Dr. Sandip Patil
2) Dr. Ashwini Shete
3) Dr. Vijay Nema
28. Welfare Committee 1) Dr. Vijay Nema – Welfare Officer
2) Administrative Officer
3) Mrs. Rajani Bagul
4) Mrs. Shubhangi Bichare
5) Mr. Girish Rahane