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Department Name: VIROLOGY
Name of the equipment:

ABBOTT Real Time PCR System
Instrumental details: Automatic Sample Processing machine and Real time machine.

  1. Make-ABBOTT
  2. Model-m2000 SP and m2000rt
  3. Specifications:

    ABBOTT m2000sp: Automatic Sample processing unit with liquid handler, and robotic arms, 100-240 volts, ABBOTT m2000rt: Real time PCR machine, closed system containing thermal cycler and reader inside. 100-240 volts, Instruments details along with their working principle and image: The Abbott m2000 Real-time System integrates advanced automation with precise and proven performance and has a broad range of quantification. Currently we are using this machine for HIV-1 viral load estimation, HIV-1 PCR detection, and viral load determination for HBV and HCV. Principle: The Abbott Real-time HIV-1 assay works on principle of in-vitro reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) assay for the quantitation of Human Immunodeficiency Virus type 1 (HIV-1) on the automated m2000 System in human plasma from HIV-1 infected individuals over the range of 40 to 10,000,000 copies/mL

Applications: Quantitation of HIV-1 Viral load testing:- The Abbott Real-time HIV-1 assay is intended for use in conjunction with clinical presentation and other laboratory markers for disease prognosis and for use as an aid in assessing viral response to antiretroviral treatment as measured by changes in plasma HIV-1 RNA levels, HIV-1 PCR, HBV, HCV viral load.

Instructions to users:
  1. Plasma samples should be separated within 6 hrs of collection.
  2. Dedicated space should be there for both the m2000sp and m2000rt machine.
  3. Extensive cleaning of the laboratory should be maintained to avoid contamination.
  1. HIV-1 Viral Load Estimation.
  2. Anti-HIV-1 Testing.
Contact Details:

Dr. Anupam Mukherjee
[email protected]

Name of the instrument: BD FACSAria Fusion Cell Sorter
  1. Instrument Details-
  2. Make - BD biosciences
  3. Model - BD FACSAria Fusion Cell Sorter
  4. Specification -

    1. Lasers-Fixed optical bench with pre-Aligned lasers
    2. 488nm with Blue laser.
    3. 633nm with Red laser.
    4. 355nm with UV laser.
    5. 561nm with yellow green laser.
    6. 407nm with violet laser.

  5. 15 parameters-Forward scatter, Side scatter& 14 color configuration.
  6. Fixed aligned optics with optical arrays of Octagon & Trigon.
  7. System is capable to acquire & sort up to 70,000 Events/sec.
  8. Two way sorting into 12×75 mm,and 15mL tubes and four way sorting into micro tubes and 12×75 mm tubes.
  9. Automatic cell deposition unit sorts into sorts into 6,24,48,96 & 384 well plates.
  10. PC workstation with one FACSDIVA SOFTWARE.

Application-For assaying multicolor immunophenotyping & functional assays as well as sorting of cells for assessing immune responses in various studies.

Name of the instrument- BD FACSAria I

Instrument details -

  1. Make - BD biosciences
  2. Model - BD FACSAria I
  3. Specification:
      1. 488 nm with Blue laser
      2. 633 nm with Red laser
    2. Parameters-Forward scatter, Side scatter& 7 color configuration
    3. Fixed aligned optics with optical arrays of Octagon & Trigon.
    4. Two way sorting into 12×75 mm,and 15mL tubes and four way sorting into micro tubes and 12×75 mm tubes
    5. PC workstation with Pentium 4.2.8 GHz with one FACSDIVA SOFTWARE.
  4. Application-For assaying multicolor immunophenotyping & functional assays as well as sorting of cells for assessing immune responses in various studies.
Contact Details:

Dr. Madhuri Thakar
[email protected]


Name of the equipment: Tecan

Instrumental details:

  1. Make – TECAN
  2. Model – FREEDOM EVO -2 200 Base
  3. Specifications -
    1. Physical Dimensions - Height 34.3”, Width 80.7”, Depth 30.7”, Weight 230 kg
    2. Electrical Requirements –

      U,f : 100-120VAC/220-240VAC, 50/60Hz
      P : 1200 VA
      Fuse : FU1 :T2AH250V, FU2: T2AH250V
      FU3: T10AH250V, FU4: T10AH250V

  4. Operating Conditions - Temperature 15°C–32°C, Humidity 30-80%RH, non-condensing Locations at 30O C or below

  5. Instruments details along with their working principle and image: It is a Multi assay development system in which multiple plates can be run at a time. The multiple plates can be of same kit or different kits (eg. HIV and HCV ELISA). The machine is covered with biosafety cabinet for personal safety as well to avoid contamination. The system is also supportive for molecular assays and antidrug testing assays. The accessories for the same are available with the system.

Serial dilutions, ELISAs, nucleic acid sample preparation, PCR set up sequencing reactions

Contact details: Dr. Ashwini Shete
[email protected]

Department of Molecular Biology
Name of the equipment: Capillary Sequencers

Instrumental details: Automated sequencing instrument based on Sanger sequencing
Make – Applied Biosystems
Model – 3730XL DNA Analyzer 6250020 & 3130XL DNA Analyzer 6280030
Use: The 96-capillary 3730xl DNA Analyzer is used for high throughput genetic analysis. Can also be used for DNA fragment analysis applications such as microsatellites, AFLP, SNP analysis, mutation detection and traditional DNA sequencing.
Specifications -
Physical Dimensions - 100 cm (W) x 73 cm (D) x 89 cm (H)
Format : 96-well plate and 16 well
Operating Conditions - Humidity: 20%-80% (non-condensing), Temperature: 18°C-30°C

Testing Area Requirements –A restricted facility with temperature and access control

Name of the equipment: The BD ProbeTec™ ET System

Instrumental details:

  1. Make - BD Diagnostics
  2. Model - BD ProbeTec™ ET System
  3. Specifications -

Physical Dimensions - Height 54.6 cm, Width 72.4 cm, Depth 72.4 cm, Weight 32.7 kg
Electrical Requirements - Input Voltage -100–240 VAC Input Current 3 A Input Line Frequency 50 or 60 Hz ±3 Hz Power 300 W Heat 1024 BTU/hr
Thermal Specifications - Lysing Heater Fluid Temperature >100°C at 20 minutes, Priming Heater Fluid Temperature 70°C ±2°C after 9 minutes, Warming Heater Fluid Temperature 52.5°C ±1.5°C after 9 minutes, BD ProbeTec ET Instrument Fluid Temperature 52.5°C ±1°C after 10 minutes
Operating Conditions - Temperature 18°C–33°C, Humidity 20%–85% RH, non-condensing Locations Level surface, no direct sunlight, no direct heat
Testing Area Requirements -The BD ProbeTec ET instrument can be placed in any area of the laboratory consistent with the specifications listed. No separate or special room is required
Assay Performance (CT and GC)- Swab/Urine- Sensitivity/Specificity- 99 to 100%

Instruments details along with their working principle and image

The BD ProbeTec ET DNA Assay is based on the strand displacement simultaneous amplification principle.

Detection of sexually transmitted infections, Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis from urine and swab.
Contact details: Dr. Arati Mane
II. Name of the equipment: MGIT
Instrumental details: BD BACTEC™ MGIT™ 960 Mycobacteria Culture System

  1. Make- BD Diagnostics
  2. Model-BD BACTEC MGIT 960
  3. Specifications-

    Modular Type-960instrument
    H x W x D-134.6x91.4x71.1 (cm)
    Power Needed-100-117 Vac
    Test capacity-Continuous monitoring, 960 vials/test module
    Technique- Florescence
    Other Attributes- Fully automated, non radiometric icon/bar code instrument interface.

Instruments details along with their working principle and image: The MGIT (Mycobacteria Growth Indicator Tube) consists of liquid broth medium that is known to yield better recovery and faster growth of mycobacteria. The MGIT contains 7.0 ml of modified Middlebrook 7H9 broth base. This medium is terminally sterilized by autoclaving. An enrichment, MGIT OADC (Oleic acid, Albumin, Dextrose and Catalase) or MGIT 960 Growth Supplement, is added to make the medium complete. This Growth Supplement is essential for growth of many mycobacteria, especially those belonging to M. tuberculosis complex. Addition of the MGIT PANTA is necessary to suppress contamination.

For culture and drug susceptibility testing for mycobacteria.

Contact details: Dr. Arati Mane
[email protected]

Drug Resistance Laboratory

Name - NucliSens easyMAG
Make - Biomerieux
Model - easyMAG
Specifications - NucliSens easyMAG is an automated system used for total nucleic acid extraction from various sample types (Blood, Plasma, Dried blood spots etc)
Working Principle- The system employs the Boom technology, where high affinity magnetic silica is used in the procedure for the separation of nucleic acid form specimens.
Applications- Used for nucleic acid extraction form plasma, whole blood, dried blood spots etc

Contact details: Dr. Swarali Kurle
[email protected]