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ICMR - National AIDS Research Institute
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Institutional Facilities

Permanent Staff Strength: 71

Scientific 19
Technical 40
Admin & support 12

Infra-structure :

NARI Main Campus

Equipments :

  • DNA Sequencer (no.2) – 96 capillary. Sequencing reaction can be performed at a time.
  • Thermal Cycler (no. 18) – One Test PCR machine, 3 Verify PCR and 14 – Normal PCR machines
  • Real Time PCR machine (no. 2) – Abbott Real Time PCR -for amplification of FNA measured real time, MHA and Viral load estimation. 7900 HT
  • FACS calibur, FACS Aria (no. 1) – 4 colour CD4/CD8 estimation, FACs Aria is 7 colour, 7 parameters can run simultaneously, cell sorting can be performed.
  • Gel documentation system (no. 3) – One is Agarosegel & PAGE (detects chemiluminescence)
  • Fluorescent microscope (no. 3) – For Cell imaging
  • Cobas Amplicor (no. 1) - viral load estimation machine,
  • NucliSens automatic nucleic acid estimation (no. 1) – 24 samples in 1 hour
  • Liquid nitrogen storage facility (no. 4)
  • Automatic high throughput liquid handling system (no. 1)
  • SCODA automatic ELISA analyzer
  • ELISPOT Reader (No. 2) – AID and ZEISS

Details pertaining to the ICT facilities :internet,wi-fi,video conferencing facilities):

  • Internet Leased Line (NKN) – 1GBPS
  • LAN (Local Area Network) for NARI premises
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Video conferencing facility
  • Audio conferencing facility

Library Resources:

  • No. of Books as on 10 Dec 2014 : 2352
  • Total cost of books as on 10.12.2014 : Rs 2947519 (from 2007 onwards)
  • Yearly Purchase Cost : Rs 40701/- (in 2014)
  • No. of Journals and Periodicals : 25 online only, 9 print only and 3 print+online
    + JCCC@ICMR Consortia + JGateplus + Cochrane Database
  • Consortium and Databases:

    NML-ERMED ejournal consortium (about 400 e-journals)
    J-Gate@ICMR providing access to 2715 journals, access to open access journals, and access to abstracts of around about 41000 journals from different disciplines.
    Cochrane databases

  • Yearly Subscription of journals :Rs 28,39,364/- (in 2014)

National AIDS Control Organization supported - NARI-PMC Clinical Care and Research Centre :

National AIDS Control Organization had approved an ART Centre for research study participants at NARI in 2005. The institute has been recognized to provide free antiretroviral drugs under Full NACO ART roll out programme for HIV infected patients in Pune Corporation area since May 2010. This new centre has been initiated at the centrally located NARI-PMC ‘Clinical Care and Research Centre’ which is a centre developed in collaboration with the Pune Municipal Corporation. The staff have been appointed and trained by NACO.

NARI has also established radiological investigative facilities and an excellent service laboratory which includes HIV & CD4 testing and clinical pathology testing services as well as -20 freezers and -80 freezers for storage of samples for future testing.

Clinic at National Institute of Virology :

The clinic at National Institute of Virology (ICMR) has been established for the referral activity and is one of the sites for clinical trials studies. The clinic is having the facilities for pre and post test counseling, clinical examination, pharmacy and small laboratory.

Clinic at Gadikhana Dispensary :

This clinic has been established in Dr. Kotnis Dispensary to cater mainly the high risk population such as STD patients and female sex workers. Dr. Kotnis Dispensary (Gadikhana) is located near red light area of Pune. The clinic is having the facilities for pre and post test counseling, clinical examination, pharmacy and laboratory to perform STD tests.