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ICMR - National AIDS Research Institute
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Divisional Highlights


‘HIV and beyond’ is the theme for the Epidemiology Division. We focus on evidence generation for HIV, Sexually Transmitted Infections including Hepatitis and HPV, HIV-Cancers, Tuberculosis, and Hypertension and work closely with India’s National AIDS Control Programme and NHM to generate ‘data-for-action’ to assist India’s disease control, treatment and elimination strategies . Impact Evaluation studies, Operations and Implementation research, Clinical Trials, Community and facility-based surveys, Sentinel Surveillance and Cost Effectiveness studies are included in our repertoire. All these activities are accomplished by 3 scientists, 3 technical officers/assistant and numerous project specific staff. The division leads Swacha Bharat activities, ‘Hindi Rajbhasha’ and edits ICMR-NARI annual updates. The geographic spread of our recent and ongoing research activities are highlighted along side.