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ICMR - National AIDS Research Institute
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Divisional Highlights


Division of social and behavioral research encompasses the full breadth of the discipline. Our faculty and students conduct research in various aspects of illness with major focus on HIV and sexually transmitted infections. Students learn innovative approaches to social science research in a small, collaborative learning environment using qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods approach. We focus on broadening the evidence base on HIV epidemiology for informing policy, strengthening the analytical capacity for HIV research, and fostering collaboration between network members and other disciplines. SBR has worked on communicating engagement strategies for not only infectious diseases but also zoonotic diseases like Japanese encephalitis and various clinical trials and HIV vaccine trials. Research into community dialogues and participation to promote health, increase equity and amplify less-heard voices is an area where research scholars and scientists have taken up successful studies especially pertaining to adolescent health, Complex interventions, Health promotion, and Implementation research. SBR has expanded towards Gender Violence under which inter-disciplinary research group at the ICMR-NARI, made up of more than epidemiologist, social scientist, anthropologist, biostatisticians, public health researchers and physicians with expertise on violence against women, violence against men and , violence among same-sex people are working and future plans are underway.

Currently, our division has strong research program on key vulnerable populations’ viz. men having sex with men (MSM), transgender people and female sex workers. MSM and transgender population research has holistic approach with Syndemic studies, hidden populations studies and PrEP demonstration studies being underway. Studies on access to family planning among female sex workers have been undertaken. Promoting best practice in learning and we also teaching through educational research and conduct trainings.