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ICMR - National AIDS Research Institute
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We cordially invite you to take a tour through this newly developed website of the Indian Council of Medical Research-National AIDS Research Institute (ICMR-NARI). Various pages of this site offer you glimpses of what all we do to improve the health of humankind. Bio-medical and socio-behavioral research are the paths we tread to achieve this goal.

Since its foundation in 1992, ICMR-NARI has focused its research attention on HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. However, with the passage of time and growing expertise of the scientists, the scope and extent of involvement of the Institute has expanded considerably. Investigations in the field of longitudinal ageing study of India, hepatitis, emerging infections such as Nipah and Covid-19 and multi-drug resistant tuberculosis are a few examples in this regard. Also worth noting is that, in addition to working closely with a number of national health programs in India, we have established regional partnership with the neighboring countries of Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar and Indonesia.