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Designation : Scientist C
Division : Clinical Sciences
Email ID : [email protected]
Area Of Interest : HIV & TB Epidemiology
Completed and Ongoing Projects
Awards and Honours


Work Experience

Educational Qualification: MBBS, MD (Community Medicine)

Research/Training Experience/ Duration Institution Particulars of work done

Name of employer & address

Date of Joining

Date of leaving

Nature of work performed or being performed

Dept of PSM, Govt. Medical College Aurangabad



Postgraduate student


Maharashtra State public health Services

PHC- Chadwel, Tq. Sakri, Dist.- Dhule



Medical Officer (Group A)

In charge of tribal PHC.

Govt. Medical College & Cancer Hospital, Aurangabad



Assistant professor


Chirayu Medical College & Hospital, Bhopal



Assistant professor

In charge of urban health & training center




Scientist ‘B’

Division of Clinical Sciences



Till date

Scientist ‘C’

Division of Clinical Sciences


Research Experience


  1. endTB (Evaluating Newly approved Drugs for multidrug-resistant TB) phase III clinical trial- multisite international trial
  2. endTB-Q (Evaluating Newly Approved Drugs in Combination Regimens for Multidrug-

Resistant TB with Fluoroquinolone Resistance (Q) phase III clinical trial- multisite international trial

  1. Predictors of fluoroquinolone resistance in multidrug-resistant tuberculosis patients from Pune, Maharashtra: A case-control study

As Co-PI

  1. Diagnostic utility of self-collected buccal swab specimen as an alternative to sputum for
  2. Molecular detection of pulmonary tuberculosis
  3. Project to introduce improved tests for monitoring of response to anti-tuberculosis

treatment in HIV/TB co-infected patients

  1. Understanding the type and emergence of drug-resistant mutations of MDR and XDR M. Tuberculosis strains
  2. Feasibility of HIV self-test among youth in Mizoram: a demonstration project

As co-investigator

  1. Phase III TB Vaccine multisite POD trial
  2. Phase II Metformin trial
  3. Outbreak investigation: HIV outbreak at Unnao, UP
  4. Qualitative investigation on the acceptability of HIV oral self-test

Factors associated with diabetes control and adherence to anti-diabetic medications among people living with HIV and diabetes attending ART centers in Pune, India, A mixed method study

List of Grant Recieved


Conference/Training/Workshop Attended

Conference presentations

  1. Rising ‘Fluoroquinolone (FQ) resistance’ in ‘Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR) TB’ patients: A new hurdle in India’s TB elimination target. E-poster: 8th Asia Pacific Region Conference of International UNION against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, May 2022. Authors- Patil S, Kadam A
  2. Integrating Continuity of Care in Patient Recruitment: Insights from a clinical trial site in Pune, India. Authors- Neha Desai, Dipali Suryawanshi, Sandip Patil. Oral presentation in NATCON 2022
  3. “Utilization of JSY at urban and rural blocks of Aurangabad district”. Scientific poster as a co-author presented at 55th IPHA Conference, Belgaum Authors: Dr. Kiran Shinde, Sandip B. Patil, Dr. Dalvi S.D.
  4. “KAP study of mothers of under-five regarding diarrhoeal disease at UHTC, Shahaganj” scientific paper as a co-author in State Conference (Joint IPHA-IAPSM), Vardha 2011. Authors: Dr. Mahavir Nakel, Sandip B Patil, Dr.P.L.Gattani, Dr. Gujarathi
  5. “A Study on KAP of Truck drivers regarding HIV/AIDS in Four Districts of Maharashtra” scientific paper in 54th Annual National Conference of IPHA, Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam Authors: Patil Sandip Bharat, Dr. Dixit JV, Dr. Kulkarni AP
  6. “Study of the Reasons for Rejection of Cases of Cataract Surgery During Camps held at RHTC Paithan” scientific paper as a co-author in 54th Annual National Conference of IPHA, Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam. Authors-Dabade Kuldeep J., Patil Sandip B, Doibale MK; Kulkarni AP
  7. “Morbidity pattern of patients attending Pediatric OPD at Urban Health Training Centre Shahganj”. Scientific paper in National conference IAPSMCON 2008 at Aurangabad ,21-23 Jan 2009:   Authors- Patil SB, Karanjekar VD, Domple VK, Chavhan BB, Doibale MK; Kulkarni AP


Number of Publications : 21
List of Publications


  1. Linezolid resistance among MDRTB patients from metropolitan cities of Pune and Mumbai, Western Maharashtra, India. Natarajan, D. Dulani, V. Ashara, S. Patil, L. Guglielmetti. The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (IJTLD), Vol26, Supplement 2, S-208, Nov. 2022. E-poster: World Conference on Lung Health of the International UNION against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases (The UNION), Nov.2022
  2. Kadam AV, Patil S, Sane S, Shahabuddin SM, Panda S. Challenges faced by ethics committee members in India during COVID-19 pandemic: A mixed-methods exploration. Indian J Med Res. 2022 May-Jun;155(5&6):461-471. doi: 10.4103/ijmr.ijmr_1095_22. PMID: 36348593; PMCID: PMC9807194.
  3. Patil A, Patil S, Rao A, Gadhe S, Kurle S, Panda S. Exploring the Evolutionary History and Phylodynamics of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Outbreak from Unnao, India Using Phylogenetic Approach. Front Microbiol. 2022 May 18; 13:848250. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2022.848250. PMID: 35663884; PMCID: PMC9158528.
  4. Mane A, Kasibhatla SM, Vidhate P, Saxena V, Patil S, Rao A, Nirmalkar A, Kulkarni-Kale U, Panda S. Phylogenetic Analysis of Spread of Hepatitis C Virus Identified during HIV Outbreak Investigation, Unnao, India. Emerg Infect Dis. 2022 Apr;28(4):725-733. doi: 10.3201/eid2804.211845. PMID: 35318918; PMCID: PMC8962895.
  5. Rao A, Patil S, Nirmalkar A, Bagul R, Ghule U, Panchal N, Panda S. HIV oral self-screening test among HIV/STD/TB clinic attendees: A mixed-method pilot investigation examining merit for larger evaluation. Indian J Med Res. 2022 Mar;155(3&4):403-412. doi: 10.4103/ijmr.ijmr_3131_21. PMID: 35417993; PMCID: PMC9707688.
  6. Rao, A., Patil, S., Kulkarni, P.P. et al. Acceptability of HIV oral self-test among truck drivers and youths: a qualitative investigation from Pune, Maharashtra. BMC Public Health 21, 1931 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1186/s12889-021-11963-7
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  8. Patil S, Rao A, Pathak P, Kurle S, Mane A, Nirmalkar A, et al. (2020) Unsterile injection equipment associated with HIV outbreak and an extremely high prevalence of HCV—A case-control investigation from Unnao, India. PLoS ONE 15(12): e0243534
  9. Rao A, Patil S, Aheibam S, Kshirsagar P, Hemade P, Panda S. Acceptability of HIV Oral Self-Test Among Men Having Sex with Men and Transgender Population: A Qualitative Investigation from Pune, India. Infect Dis (Auckl). 2020; 13:1178633720962809. Published 2020 Oct 13. doi:10.1177/1178633720962809
  10. Shete A, Bichare S, Pujari V, Virkar R, Thakar M, Ghate M, Patil S, Vyakarnam A, Gangakhedkar R, Bai G, Niki T and Hattori T (2020) Elevated Levels of Galectin-9 but Not Osteopontin in HIV and Tuberculosis Infections Indicate Their Roles in Detecting MTB  Infection in HIV Infected Individuals. Front. Microbiol. 11:1685. doi:10.3389/fmicb.2020.01685
  11. Manisha Ghate, Sandip Patil, Sunil Zirpe et al. Ten-year retention among HIV-infected individuals initiated on ART in a program clinic at Pune, India: Analysis by changes in the national guidelines for ART initiation. The Indian Practitioner April 2018 Vol.71 No.4. 19-25.
  12. Athavale Arvind Vyankatesh, Patil Sandip Bharat, Agrawal Kush. Prevalence of Asthma in School-going Children of Semi-Urban Area in the State of Madhya Pradesh. Int J Med. Public Health. 2017; 7(1): 37-40
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  16. Patil SB, Doibale MK. Study of Profile, Knowledge and Problems of Anganwadi Workers in ICDS Blocks: A Cross-Sectional Study. Online J Health Allied Scs.2013; 12(2):1. Available at URL: http://www.ojhas.org/issue46/2013-2-1.html
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  20. Patil SB, Deshmukh D, Dixit JV, Damle AS. Epidemiological investigation of an outbreak of acute diarrheal disease: A shoe leather epidemiology. J Global Infect Dis 2011; 3:361-5.
  21. Book

Sandip Patil .Study of ICDS scheme in rural and tribal projects in Maharashtra ISBN-13:978-3-659-26613-3 ISBN-10:3659266132,EAN:978365926613,Published on:2012-12-04.LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ,Category: Clinical disciplines