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Dr. Varun Kumar Kashyap
Name : Dr. Varun Kumar Kashyap
Designation : Scientist-C
Division : -
Email ID : [email protected]
Area Of Interest : -
Completed and Ongoing Projects

Projects Completed:

1)Assessment of Potential Risk Factors for COVID - 19 among Health Care Workers in a Health Care Setting in Delhi, India. Funded by WHO (4 lakh, Duration: December 2020 to June 2021)

2)Assessment of the role of Unani formulation in the prevention of COVID -19 infection in high-risk population. Funded by Ministry of Aayush Hamdard Laboratories (33 lakh, Duration: March 2020 to August 2021

Awards and Honours
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Title of Ph.D.-  Development of linear and non-linear statistical Quantitative Structure       Activity relationship model for virtual screening of potential lead compounds


University of Lucknow





University of Lucknow



Mathematics, Physics and Statistics


University of Lucknow



Experience/ Details of Employment in Chronological Order:


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Year of Experience



Assistant Professor


August 2016

October 2017


Assistant Professor

HIMSR, Hamdard institute of medical science and Research

11 October 2017

5 August 2023




8 August 2023





PhD supervised:


  1. Assessment of community-based strategies under Malaria Elimination Demonstration Project (MEDP) for reduction of malaria cases in a tribal district of Madhya Pradesh, India. (Completed)
  2. A mixed methods study of the burden on caregivers and its association with glycemic control of Type 1 diabetes mellitus children and adolescents attending a specialized clinic at a tertiary hospital in North India. (Ongoing)


List of Grant Recieved

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Conference/Training/Workshop Attended

Papers Presented in National and International Conferences:


  • ‘A Non-Linear Modeling Approach to Develop a QSAR Model for Anticancer Activity of Gossypol Acetic Acid against BCL2 target for Colorectal Cancer’, in 19th Annual National Conference (SSCA) in Sher-e- Kashmir University in 2017.
  • ‘Assessment of service quality Delivery and its impact on customer satisfaction in the Telecom sector in Lucknow’, Presented in National conference in Delhi University. in 2016.
  • “A Support Vector Regression Modelling Approach to develop a QSAR Model for Anticancer activity of Gossypol acetic acid against BCL2 target for Colorectal Cancer”, in International conference in Lucknow University in 2015.
  • ‘Attributes which attract customers towards service provider, Presenting in Nation conference in Kumaun University Almora in 2014.
  • ‘A MLR Regression Modelling Approach to Develop a QSAR Model for Anticancer Activity using BCL2 data set, Presenting in Nation conference in BBAU Lucknow in March 16-17, 2013.


Number of Publications : 31
List of Publications


  1. Rizvi, I., Bajpai, M., Anjor, P., Kashyap, V.K. (June, 2014). ‘Managing the physical evidence in insurance industry’, European Academic Research, Vol. II No. 3 pp:4234-4264, ISSN-2286-4822, ISSN-L 2286-4822.
  2. Kashyap, V.K., kirti, S., and Asthana, A. (2014). “Survival analysis: identification of improvement in condition of tuberculosis meningitis patients”. International journal of Statistics and Systems, Vol. 10 No. 1, pp-122-124.
  3. Kashyap, V.K., Sarraf, S.K. and Asthana, A. (2014). “A multidimensional scaling model approach for positioning of insurance industries company: a case study of government sector v/s private sector insurance companies.” International journal of Statistics and Systems, Vol. 10 No. 1, pp-145-148.
  4. Kashyap, V.K., Pandey R., Saksena, S. and Khan, F. (April, 2016). “An artificial neural network modeling approach for development of QSAR model for anticancer activity of gossypol acetic acide against anticancer target BCL2”. European Academic Research, Vol. IV No. 1 pp:102-111, ISSN-2286-4822.
  5. Kashyap, V.K., Kushwaha, A. (April 2016).Factors which influence customers towards service providers in Telecom Industry”. European Academic Research, Vol. II No. 3 pp:93-101, ISSN-2286-4822, ISSN-L 2286-4822.
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